Injection Molding Packaging Machines

Packaging for

Injection Molding Industry

Common Problems

• Low productivity
• Capacity constraints
• Slow run times and set up times
• Processes slow throughput
• Customer complaints
• High costs
• Identifying the optimum solution

Typical Improvements with Sharp

• Productivity increases dramatically
    - Documented productivity gains of 23%
    - Changeover time decreases with onboard PC that allows operator to
      pull up jobs and create labels
• Labor time decreases
    - Documented labor reductions of 40%
    - Robotic arms can be used to drop molds into bags
    - Training time is typically one week
    - System available with automatic air blower to open bags and mechanical
      opener as backup
• Increased accuracy
    - Options for weight count or optical count
    - Precision level weight counts achieved
• Reduced costs
• Maintenance savings are as high as 95%
• Accountability increases
    - With the onboard PC there is a history of events for maintenance
      record-keeping and measuring errors

The Sharp Process

• Conduct an on-site evaluation to survey current packaging processes
• Identify ways to reduce costs and increase throughput
• Present options to reduce costs and streamline your operations
    - Inline bag and machine systems
    - Integrated imprinter reduces steps
    - Add inline mailer for further efficiencies

Recommended Machines

MAX 12™
Bag up to 12" wide
by 40" long
Learn more
Watch it in action

MAX 20™
Bag up to 20" wide
by 40" long
Learn more
Watch it in action

Recommended Bags

General Purpose Bags
Xtreme Poly Bags
Ultra Bags
Sharp Packaging High Density (SPHD) Bags
Gamma Patient Bags
E-Z Stat™ (Anti-Static) Bags
Metalized Barrier
Non-Scratch Film

Customer Feedback

Carclo Technical Plastics
IPS Packaging replaces Plastic Parts Manufacturer's
  hand loading system with Sharp's System to increase
  accuracy and decrease labor

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